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Storage of Cibachrome prints

High humidity and high temperatures enhance the rate of light-fading, but it is strongly dependent on the substrate and the state of dispersion of the dyes. Wool and gelatin substrates are more likely to lead to more light-fading. With regards to light exposure, Cibachrome is relatively stable, especially those coated in a polyester base. Laminating the Cibachrome in a foil with low permeability for water, like polypropylene, will improve the light stability by a factor of 3. Despite that, it is still advisable to store Cibachrome in a dark area due to a weakness to UV. The worst that one can do is to store Cibachrome in a humid area with exposure to natural light.

Interleaving with a soft material such as Tyvek or a nonwoven polyester web is important to prevent particle deposition and surface damage during storage. When removing dust or other particulates, use compressed air or an air duster.
Recommended dark storage conditions are as follows: 20 °C with a relative humidity between 30-50%. 

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